​​Riverstone Climbing Gym's Youth Instructional Courses will include fun and healthy activities which focus on:

  • climbing techniques
  • problem solving
  • fitness and exercise
  • teamwork
  • sharing experiences

       and many other positive aspects that are derived from indoor rock climbing. 

Youth Course: Kids from ages 5-12 Monday-Thursday 4:30-6:00

​$15/session or $55/for 4 days

Teen Climbing: ages 13-17 Tuesdays and Fridays 6:30-8:30

$15/session or $25/2 days

Activities include:

  • Basic rope skills
  • ​Roped climbing
  • Boulder problems 
  • ​Rental harness and shoes
  • Instruction
  • Climbing Games (both physical and mental skills)
  • Exercises such as push ups, sit ups, wall sits, jumping jacks, planks, block jumps, dead hangs, squat thrusts, mountain climbers, and more.
  • Preparation for the climbing team

Adult Courses:

Customize your 1 on 1 or group instructional course to fit your skill level and needs.  ​Common clinics include top rope belay, lead belay, lead climbing, proper falling technique, footwork, endurance and efficiency. Class availability varies, please call 24-48 hours in advance to schedule your session. Drop-in is available contingent upon gym volume.

Classes Youth and Adult

​​​​Riverstone Climbing Gym   

Riverstone Climbing Gym